3 Questions that will help you write an inspirational vision statement


Have you ever driven a car with the wheels out of alignment?

If so, you know what happens. Even though you try to keep the car in the middle of the road, it pulls to one side. It’s a constant struggle to keep traveling in the intended direction.

Over time, misalignment causes major problems. The tires wear out. And much worse, the poorly aimed wheels could pull you off the road into a crash.

Some organizations are like that car. Out of alignment.

Many churches and organizations do in fact have a vision, but they don’t have a clear vision statement that keeps everyone aligned.

Without deep buy-in to the vision, team members may not understand where the organization is really going. They drift and end up pulling the entire team in the wrong direction.

It’s our job as leaders to cast vision that compels our entire team to lean in.

You might think, “A paycheck and good benefits should be enough to motivate the team, right?”


People will work for a paycheck, but they’ll give their life to a vision and mission they believe in.


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