1. Imagine for a moment that you transitioned from being a volunteer or supporter to being a full-time fundraiser for an organisation. What new knowledge and skills would you need to develop to be successful in this role?

1) Develop a deeper knowledge of organisation and its current priorities and systems to ensure right focus of fund raising and processes to fit into
2) Grow in fund raising skills, tools and principles to do expected responsibility effectively
3) Build relationship with current partners and grow networking skills
4) Understand current marketing approaches and learn new ways to market on social media and online
5) Learn data collection process in organisation to be able to give feedback to partners effectively
6) Plenty more

2. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to acquire new skills or knowledge to excel in your role? How did you approach this challenge?

Always, never have all the skills and knowledge needed.

1) Looked to experts:
a) By reading books
b) Building relationship with competent people with experience
c) Networked with like minded organisations
d) Research online
e) Took short course on subject

2) Delegated
Found someone that does have the skills/knowledge and built a team to solve the problem and learnt from them in the process

3) Do and learn
Just started down the road and learnt while doing and through reflection and evaluation


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