Write down your organisation’s vision and/or mission statement.

To equip churches with everything needed to share parable-style stories with people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures making it really easy for everyone to belong together. Just as God intended.

Write down your target audience that you identified in the last section.

Church leaders and social action advocates

Write down how your target audience experiences the mission/vision of your organisation. What do they receive from your organisation?

Through partnering with us so we can give them a bespoke app and resources. We will also provide them with one to one encouragement and equipping sessions. We give them access to figures showing their impact.

Write one concise statement starting with “You get…” followed by a summary of what your audience receives from your organisation.

You get all you need to share the gospel and bring back belonging in your local community.

Look at your statement and evaluate if your organisation offers your audience anything not included in that promise. Now evaluate if you can make that statement any more specific without excluding anything you offer. Refine your statement accordingly. You’ve got your promise statement!

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