No organisation is immune to mission drift. Consider the mission of your organisation and the programs you are currently running. Which of your programs are most closely aligned with your mission?

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Are there any programs that lack alignment with the broader mission of the organisation? What are the indications of this?

I think our (CAPS) curriculum is not fully aligned with our broader mission. The subjects are taught as separate entities instead of part of the whole. These subjects are also not taught fully from a Biblical Worldview.

Reflect on the current reality within your organisation. What challenges and decisions are you facing that might pull you off mission right now?

I think that we are focussing on expanding Calling Education by opening more campuses. I think we should focus on deepening the impact of the current campuses.

What specific actions can you take to avoid mission drift in your current situation and remain mission true?

I think these issues should be discussed in depth at the Board level so that everyone is on the same page and is aware of what exactly our mission is.


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