Who are your raising up? Are there leaders in your team you need to be more intentional about investing in?

1. Hardi
2. Yuni
3. Bremen
4. Kris
5. Hetty
6. Meks

Check boxes

Test them
Commission and correct
Release and equip

Take a moment to reflect on why you think these steps challenged you most.

Out of comfort zone.

Never did it before.

Never did it right, before.

People have given this to me, but I have self-doubt. Can I do it for others?

Cultivate belonging

Open up for next 3 days in NLT, ACHIEVE and Tim Nasional.

Envision leaders

Give them (NLT) something to think and ask, in order to act, before 2023 ends.

Affirm them

Think of one affirmation, for each national team member. Especially longer for ACHIEVE team, and even longer for NLT team. Before 2023 ends.

Test them

Make them (NLT) accountable for what they have shared to me, in response to what I have shared with them.

Commission and correct

Prayerfully give a note of commission before the end of the year, to national team.

Release and equip

Prayerfully think of one thing that each NLT need, before NLT meeting on January 2024. And individually meet or call with each one before NLT meeting on January 2024.


Communicate the possible timeline by NLT meeting on January 2024. Create and edit the needed slides and documents during 1st and 2nd week of January 2024, before leaving.


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