Please write down at least one example of each.

In terms of effective leaders, P-J does come to mind as somebody who helped to bring us as a community together and mobilised to plant churches. I also think of Nicky Gumble, and his incredible work with pioneering Alpha. I think of Terry Virgo, who has helped gather, grow and send people all over the world to see the Lord’s name lifted up, churches established and people saved

For ineffective leadership – I know that I am prone to this in certain seasons, or aspects of how I lead. I settle for a maintenance mode or let my thoughts run so far ahead and I do not help my teams come with me. I also feel Jubilee is in a, position of ineffective leadership at the moment in some regards – things are good – but things are not moving.

Lord, please help me, and help us, to be better leaders. To hear your voice. To have the courage to obey it. To have the care, courage and wisdom to help others come with us. May your kingdom come and you will be done on earth as it is in heaven 🙏


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