How effective have you been in helping the people you are leading come into alignment?

I have not been effective at all. I am not sure why. Probably there are too many factors involved. That’s one of my weakness to involve the people in my vision working toward the goal. There is not enough establishment when I am in leadership position. People that I lead are busy to come to the meetings for alignments. I don’t have the capacity or enough authority to influence people to be aligned toward a vision.

How clearly do they understand the vision?

Not very clear. I have not been sharing my vision because I was afraid that the vision is too big and they will be overwhelmed. I have not intentionally share the vision, even though they may comprehend a little bit if they are attentive. I don’t want to burden them with the strategy and all since the current responsibilities have been a lot.

To what extent do they personally own the vision?

They probably don’t own the vision. However they have the same experience of the vision in larger terms about family discipleship, the importance of mentoring, community, etc.

How much do they trust you? Are they genuinely willing to follow you?

They trust me and pretty much willing to follow me. However, I don’t see full commitment. I do most of the work and it succeeded, so probably they will just follow.

If your answer to any of these questions indicates a need for change on your part, what specifically will you do?

I will communicate my vision with clarity, passion, credibility.

If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, who can you ask to find out how the people you’re leading are doing?


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