1. Reflect on the consequences faced by Joshua’s descendants when they forgot their story and turned away from God. Now, think of the significant founding story of your organisation. How can you incorporate storytelling into your own context to ensure the founding values and purpose or your organisation are remembered and cherished?

Josh 24:15 “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord”. In Judges you read that by the 3rd generation they didn’t know the stories of the Lord neither followed him and gave themselves to Baal worship.

The passions of the 1st gen, became the preference of the 2nd gen and irrelevant to the 3rd gen.

Capture the stories of the passions at the beginning of the org. Tell them in creative ways over and over.

In Gen-G we have them captured in videos and animations. Gen-G is all about telling the stories of the tangible love of God through generosity.

2. Do you currently have a culture of storytelling in your team or organisation? Identify one key action step you can take to improve the way you gather and share stories to maintain focus on your mission and inspire others.

Yes, we absolutely do. We are constantly gathering stories.


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