If someone looked at the homepage of your website, how would they describe your organisation in terms of who you are and what you do? Try to only use 1-2 sentences.

They would clearly see that we have a mission and vision to bring Christ to the world. We focus on reaching Muslims with the word of God and it’s boldly stated in how people viewing our website can get involved in doing so.

If you were speaking to someone about your organisation for the first time, how would you describe it in 1-2 sentences?

We are a non-profit organization that focuses on advancing the Kingdom of God among Muslims and all people by proclaiming the gospel, discipling the nations, and equipping the local and global church.

What, if anything, would someone understand better about your organisation by talking to you versus just looking at one page of your website?

Maybe listening to our diverse ministries and initiatives would give them a hands on account of what we do on a daily basis and how revival is really taking place.

How confident are you right now that your organisation is communicating to the right audience?

Very confident

Explain why you answered the way you did to Question #4

We work on reaching diverse nations and search for those who have a heart for Muslims and our mission.
Hence, we have been growing, thanks to those supporters and funders who have seen what God is doing through our organizations.


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