Guiding you towards building a thriving organisation

Guiding you towards building a thriving organisation

Discover your path to organisational health with FiftyFour.

FiftyFour offers non-profit and ministry leaders a space to learn, grow and connect. We’ll guide you towards the next stage of building a stronger organisation, enhancing the energy and passion that is directed towards your mission.

Core dimensions of a healthy organisation

There are nine dimensions that contribute to an organisation’s well-being. When these are strengthened, they enable leadership teams to lead with a greater perspective and focus.

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Most experts who study organisational effectiveness agree that the single most important variable for organisational impact and success is leadership. When leadership is healthy, employees are engaged and confident, joy and camaraderie abound, there is clarity of vision and support to achieve goals.

Mission & Vision

A clear mission comes from a clear vision. Vision is what we can see in our mind’s eye as a destination we are moving to. Mission is the statement about how we will get there. A mission statement is inspirational, focussed and clear, guiding all major decisions to build strategy and achieve impact.

People, Teams & Values

An organisation’s culture is its personality, the essence of how its people interact and work with those inside and outside the organisation. A healthy culture is one in which team members collaborate, share knowledge, communicate and, most importantly, enable each person to be and bring their best.

Communication & Identity

It’s important to remember that your brand is not your logo, but the sum total of all the interactions with your organisation. An organisation’s brand should enjoy a healthy level of exposure that builds trust, tells the impact stories and communicates a clear value proposition with all stakeholders.


All organisations need resources to achieve their strategic aspirations. An organisation that is healthy in the area of funding has established an income model which considers suitable income sources and a fund development strategy to sustain the organisation through both short- and long-term goals.


All too often, there’s a discrepancy between an organisation’s strategy and its reality. Strategy takes time and thoughtful investigation before it can be effectively applied. Good strategy is built on a well-researched theory of change and is evaluated according to realistic goals which lead to innovation, expansion, quality improvement and diversification.

Operations & Finance

Operations are the organisational infrastructure, systems, and processes that ensure things get done efficiently. Systems and processes allow for effective management of communication, data, and resources. Good financial management practices consider budgeting, cash flow planning and cost awareness throughout the organisation.

Governance & Oversight

The overseers seek to ensure that the organisational mandate is executed through qualified leadership, good governance and adequate resources, ensuring a high level of accountability. They are responsible for overseeing leaders, stewarding the mission, and ensuring the organisation meets its legal and ethical obligations.

Impact Management

Evaluation is the analysis of outcomes to determine whether we are making progress toward our mission. Measuring impact keeps the core narrative alive. When we honestly assess our impact, we weigh reality against the organisation’s intended purpose.

What our users say

“Ministry leaders have a deep commitment and calling – but too often, they do not receive the coaching and mentoring to implement their missions with excellence. I am immensely grateful that FiftyFour is addressing this need through expert guidance and training that will equip leaders for greater impact and outreach.” – Peter Greer

“I love that each of the core organizational health areas has courses that are directly associated with it, as well as supplemental resources.”

“The pathway for growth and development is really clear.”

“I really liked the content of the courses about Impact.”

“I really love the platform and I would definitely recommend it to my coworkers and other leaders in our organisation. There are great topics, I like the course overview at the beginning, the combination of short videos and text, I appreciate self-assessment tools, attachments to print.”

“I think this is a fantastic tool and is going to be very beneficial.”

“I love the clear Christian-based messages in the courses, encouragement and positive approach and the Bible verses used during the course. I love the practical tasks or questions to think through. I love the possibility to move through the course parts back and forth which creates a sense of freedom in the learning process. I love that the tasks and questionnaires to fulfil are on voluntary basis – so you can go through the course with or without fulfilling practical tasks.”

“I liked the video inputs in both courses: Being a Good Steward of our Resources and How Leaders Shape Organizational Culture. The inputs are very professionally done, they are interesting for listeners. I love clear references to Bible verses and to the importance of prayers.


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