Frequently Asked Questions

Who is FiftyFour designed for?

FiftyFour is designed for non-profit and ministry leaders who want to improve their management practices, enhance their leadership, and cultivate resilient organisations and high-performing teams.

Why was FiftyFour created?

Oftentimes a lot of energy can be sucked into running an organisation and away from the actual mission. That is why we have created FiftyFour to come alongside leaders to enable them to strengthen their organisations so that they can remain focussed on their mission.

Leaders often begin organisations with great passion and a clear mission. However, as the organisation expands, its operational costs increase, diverting their energy from the mission. FiftyFour offers vital insights and tools to keep leaders focussed on their mission.

What is FiftyFour?

FiftyFour is an online learning platform that guides you towards the next step of building a healthy organisation so that you can focus your energy on your mission.

What can I expect to find on the FiftyFour platform?

The FiftyFour website is a place for leaders to engage with experts, connect with other leaders, and learn through online courses, discussion groups, podcasts, videos, webinars and more.

What are the key benefits of joining FiftyFour?
  • It is completely FREE
  • A personal dashboard, adaptable with tailored resources to meet your current needs
  • Access to engaging online courses created by organisational development specialists
  • Carefully curated organisational development resources for ministry leaders and teams
  • Access to an online peer learning community through webinars, discussion groups and cohorts
How do I get started / sign up?

Click on this link to register, which will automatically populate your personalised dashboard with topics tailored for your organisation’s needs.

Why is it called FiftyFour?

FiftyFour is based on Isaiah 54:2-3 which speaks about the preparation needed for expanding to the ‘left and the right’ as we enlarge the place of our tent and stretch our tent curtains wide. It is a radical invitation to lengthen our ropes and drive our stakes in deep, to prepare our home base for what is to come.

Is my data safe on FiftyFour?

FiftyFour prioritises the safety of our users’ data, strictly adhering to its intended use. No information is shared or used outside of what was purposely communicated during the registration process.

Do I need any previous training or qualifications to be able to use FiftyFour?

No, anyone can access the FiftyFour platform and make use of its offerings.

Can I access the platform from any device or operating system?

Yes, FiftyFour can be accessed from any mobile phone, tablet or desktop/laptop computer. The platform is web-based and works on most operating systems, but we have found that it performs best on Google Chrome or Safari.

What kind of support is available if I need help while using the platform?

We would love to assist you with any queries or needs you may have while using the FiftyFour platform. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

How much does it cost?

FiftyFour is a FREE platform and there are no costs involved.

Is FiftyFour available in my region and/language?

FiftyFour is currently available in most countries and regions and in many languages. If you struggle to access the website or learning resources in your region or language, please contact us at

How do I get involved with FiftyFour?

If you would like to contribute to FiftyFour with content, networks, finances or other, please contact us to find out more.

How do I find out about new courses that I can take?

Once you have registered, you will be notified about new courses on your personal dashboard as well as (optionally) via email.


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