Know your donors


Identifying your donor base 

Every charity has a natural constituency of donors that are most likely to be interested in their cause. To identify your supporters, ask yourself the following questions:

  • who has given to us previously, what is their age, gender, location, profession?
  • what were their motivations to give to us in the past?
  • who uses our services or supports our work by volunteering or working in partnership with us? Could they become a donor?
  • which corporates and trusts are interested in the type of work that we do?
  • which groups of people do we want to support us? Are they of a particular age, gender, income or profession?
  • What relationships and networks do we currently have – particularly at board level?

Once you know what your typical and ideal donor look like, you can think about where you might be able to connect with these people or organisations.


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